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Staff and Leadership Board

Northeast Iowa FCA Leadership Board

Paul and Julie Creeden
Dave and Vanessa Ebling
Chad Mackie
Dave and Stacy Mason

Brett Randall
Alex and Blake Renaud
Sara Wegmann

Banquet 2018 Leadership Board #3

Ben Schmidt, NE Iowa FCA Area Director, 
with his wife Jenna and sons Lawson, Baylor, and Crosby

Schmidt family 10-2018 edited

Northeast Iowa FCA Staff
Ken Trautmann, Area Representative
Vanessa Ebling, Administrative Assistant
Ben Schmidt, Area Director

Banquet 2018 FCA staff

Ken Trautmann, NE Iowa FCA Area Representative, 
with his wife Lynn

ken and lynn

Vanessa Ebling, NE Iowa Administrative Assistant, 
with her husband Dave

Dave and Vanessa edit